Monday, September 27, 2010

Bowling jom!

Bowling is one of my favorite sport.
It sure can help me washed away all my stress!
-Skema giler ayat!! haha -

I'm thinking of registering my name as a member at Pin Junction Cineleisure.
RM50 only for a year. not that expensive right?
once u register, u got free t-shirts.
10 games for free but u have to use all 10 games within 1 month. (definitely not a problem for bowl lovers, am i right??huhu)
and lots of other benefits that i can't quite remember.

why must at Cineleisure??not other places??
mainly because there's a macho man worked there..hahaha
serious! i'm not kidding.
dasar gatal..hik2
don't blame me, I'm just a normal girl who loves to look at beautiful things. hehe
lagipun Cineleisure dekat ngan rumah my sis.
plus, my sis is the one who excited sgt nak register as a member.
follow je la.
~i will follow u~
so, what are u waiting for??
bowling jom!

u can check out the rates n other info here

MyEm0.Com~Thanks 4 reading~MyEm0.Com

suke? like la..

1 comment :

Ajie Mohd Tahir said... Reply To This Comment

hahaha..mamat macho.tarikan gitu.
pandai tokeh boling tu,

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