Friday, February 19, 2010

So much for a holiday

I thought that this whole week I can relax and enjoyed myself but unfortunately, out of nowhere I got sick. Huh (rugi je mintak cuti seminggu)

It began with a major headache or should I say migraine? I don’t know if it’s a migraine or not because I never experienced it before. So, how should I know kan?

hmm..the next day when i was dating with my boyfy, suddenly i felt really-really cold that i could not stop shivering. i became afraid and told my boyfy that i was not joking around. he panicked and told my parents.

my dad who was playing computer games at the moment came to the living room and take a look at me. even though i was covered with not one but THREE comforter, still the shivering didn't stop.

There were little droplets of tears started to come out from eyes cause I'm so afraid at that time. why my body can't stop shivering and all. if demam, knape x rase panas kat dahi sume kan.. i even thought that aku kne sawan ke ape..huhu

my parents terus bawak aku ke wad kecemasan. the doctor took my body temperature and there was it- 39.5 degree celcius. he said that aku kne demam sejuk. what he meant was inside my body yang panas. so, bile da panas sangat, tu yang wat aku menggigil tu..

just to make sure that i only had a normal fever not denggi what so ever, he took blood sample. tapi part ni yang payah nye..cucuk sini, darah x kua..cucuk sana, darah x kua.. he said my hands halus sgt and xnmpk pn, i was told to jump on the hospital bed and masuk air dalam badan. cubaan yang ke-4 barula darah aku kua..tu pn pekat sgt doc tu cakap..

ni la tempat2 yg kne cucuk

kurang air rupenye badan aku nie..sakit jugakla kne cucuk merata-rata. huhu after one hour and half, air pn da abes masuk and result blood test aku pn kua. no denggi no...just virus, i was discharge and can go home.

but then today, uhh..the shivering started again and the worst part is, i throw up. 3 times. yeah..minum air masak pun muntah..ape kes?? now i'm okay la sket..tu pun after my mom wat kanji and suapkan. hehe xde muntah2 da..

p/s : tu lah keistimewaan seorg ibu..chewah, jiwang plak..ngee

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Thursday, February 18, 2010


wah..lame giler aku x update blog...
mesti ramai peminat blog aku yang frust sbb xde pape update kn kt blog ni?
(ade ke peminat?? haha perasan lebey, =p)

anyway, there are so many things had happened to me over the last few weeks or months but due to ke-tidak-ada-an camera, it would be not-so-much interesting to tell you guys right? even kids don't like to read when there are no pictures isn't it?

all this while i've been using different kind of phones because my handphone rosak..something about it's, i cannot used the camera.. other phones that i used were cikai punye handphone je..yang satu tu xde camera...yang satu lagi ade camera but when I on je camera, tuppp.. off trus hp tu..'great' right?haha however, handphone yg my sis bagi pinjam, ok..ade camera semua but the problem is- no cable..aiyak..

Now, i'm glad that my phone had been fixed- cost around rm70 just for the damn lcd..huh..nevermind long as no more problems after this..hopefully..huhu

Ok..which story i should tell first?hmm..citer pasal internship lah..that's what i'm doing currently..heee

this is my look on 1st day at Kart Food

that day, i woke up very early..i mean very VERY early..that's why i had time for a little snap here and snap there, pose for the camera..haha

but now, what time do i wake up??'s a secret..LOL

biasala..mule2 je bersemangat, iye dak??huuu

this is the front counter of Kart Food

the achievement and its product

A liitle info about Kart Food- well established company..some products were being exported to Indonesia, US, Vietnam, Denmark and other countries. In Malaysia, they are making products for Tesco, Dunkin Donut and the latest one is for Petronas which I involved a little bit in that project..(sedikit bangga di situ, haha)
we call it croquette..but Petronas calls it Mesra pie..however it is not officially named yet..

the process for making croquette?
if i tell you, then i will have to kill you..
(takot x??takot x?? LOL)
its private and confidential..bley kne saman aku nt..huhu

p/s : Happy Chinese New Year..Qong Ci..Qong Ci...

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suke? like la..
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