Sunday, January 10, 2010

Aku Jeles Lah (AJL)

Anugerah Juara Lagu..
but for me, aku jeles lah!

hurmm..napela my sister get a job at Manjung?its not that i'm not happy for her..i am! but sadly she's not going to be here in KL because she have to settle about her place to live and so on at Manjung..
Oh..don't get me wrong..i'm not missing her like crazy or's just that if she's not here, then no tickets for AJL, no Stadium Bukit Jalil, no red carpet or anything..just tv, with laptop on me in living room..huhu

x penting sangat pun kan..
get over it faziera..huh

hurm..btw, i wonder who's going to be the winner tonight? is it yuna?misha omar?hujan or bunkface?erm..talking bout misha omar, i really have to say- WTF? who on earth that design her clothes? buruk sih! sape stuju?angkat tangan..

well, same2 kite saksikan sape juara..till then...

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suke? like la..
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