Saturday, December 26, 2009

Tak Bestnye..

Mane pergi semua orang?
mentang2la friday cuti christmas, semua balik umah eh?
baru je ingat nak ajak pergi shopping..
da terbengkalai plan..
adoi..(sambil mengeluh)

da x saba ni nak spend duit ptptpu..muahahahaha

blum duit gaji pizza lagi..hehehe
ohh..x boley..kena simpan tu tok kawen..ahaha

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Friday, December 25, 2009

Internship at Kart Food Industries.

What’s so special about it?
Why do you still want to do your internship there?
You will not be getting any allowances.
You will not be given any house or room for you to stay.
So why?

I seriously don’t know. huahua

Day 1.
It’s 8.30 am Monday morning.
I’m standing in front of the building.
Almost all Kart’s staff was there.
Looking and pointing at me.
Ni mesti budak baru ni
oohh, ni la budak dari UKM tu kot
I guess these words that run on their mind and their mouth. I hope so.
Not like “yay, ade anak ikan baru..” or like “menyemak je budak nie kat sini” or something like that. No negative2 thingy..Huhu

Ok. Now I know that Kart’s have their own tradition which is every Monday, they will gather and have an assembly. We were supposed to sing Lagu Negaraku, ikrar and senamrobik too. Amalan yang amat sihat. Haha
Next, one member of each department will go out front to give some comments/info or tell us what problems that they had encounter so far and so on.
Then I was called to give a short introduction about myself. My name, my nickname, which university I came from. bla bla bla Basic stuff la.
I don’t know about other companies but 1st day at Kart was nothing much to do. They just showed me around the factory and all I have to do is follow my supervisor and that’s all. Huhu memang relax. But the worst part is, when you don’t have anything to do, you will easily get bored. And sleepy!haha!
serious ngantuk wei..pagi ngantok..lepas lunch ngantok..lame2 bley jadi ular sawa..hehe

p/s: Christmas aku keje..saturday also..ahhhh..Damn it! wuuu

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Monday, December 21, 2009

I'm sick of it.

Semua orang pernah kena.
Right isn’t it?
Tapi apa puncanya?
Is it because of the weather?
Masalah kebersihan diri?
Or perhaps H1n1 flu.
Huhuhu better not la.
For almost 13days, I’ve been sick.
At first, just seleseme and batuk.
I have taken my meds but still after a week, it got worst.
In fact demam and pening join skali.
I don’t know why I’m not easily recovered like always.
Usually it takes only 2-3 days for me to recover from any sickness.
But this time, aahh… too many assumptions..
My dad point of view :
Maybe I’m too tired with all the work at Pizza’s place and not getting enough rest.
My sis, her boyfy and my mom point of view :
Maybe kena ‘ketegur’ (kena tegur ngan hantu la something like that)
My boyfy point of view :
Maybe denggi or H1n1! (ah sudah..)
Go on. Pick which one you like most. Huhu

Due to dysfunctional of the meds given by private clinic, I tried traditional way.
Berubat. Kot-kot kena ketegur.
Habis badan aku kena pangkah sana pangkah sini. Then, cuci muka and kepala with air yasin.
I felt much better. All the headache gone and I can sleep well. No more nightmares what so ever.
But sadly, just for a while. As I went back to KL, the sicknesses also followed me and drag me back to my misery. Ah!damn it.
Being scared of current news that H1n1 gelombang ke-2 will come any time now, I insist on going to the hospital. After office hours, my sis terus bawak pergi hospital Sg. Buluh.
Thank god nothing serious. Doc gave me stronger antibiotic because usual antibiotic can no longer protect my body from bacteria attack- that’s what she said.
Now, no more flu, no more headaches and no more fever.
Batuk je yang x elok-elok lagi.
Plus dapat hadiah saguhati - Suara jadi sengau. Hahaha

p/s: thanks to my boyfy cause bersusah payah turun kl dari langkawi and visit me. Tah-tah x sehat-sehat sebab demam rindu je..uhuk..uhuk.. =p

later i'll tell you bout my 1st day internship at Kart Food Industries Shah Alam which I started this morning. Later ah!hehe

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Monday, December 07, 2009

I'm Lucky. I guess.

I'm sitting here at pizza place.
Not doing any customer service.
Not setting the tables also.
neither does mopping nor gossiping with the staff.
instead, i tumpang surfing the internet.
Plus, get free foods and free drinks too.

Until now, I have a very good day. but i must not celebrate it just yet because i still don't know what will come next. bak kata orang dulu-dulu:
"gelak-gelak jugak tapi biar berpada-pada, nanti kang ade jugak yang menangis."
hohoho. so, better watch myself. last, Kart Food Industries accept me back!whoo hoo. So, xde lah aku pening-pening kepala lagi dah nak cari kat mana2 tempat practical or worse, doing my internship at UKM. oppss! (bukannye teman nak ngutok ukm tapi bior le teman merase keroje kat lua, iye dak?hehe)

Thus, I have another (err..1,2,3 and still counting) 10 days for me to work at pizza hut, and then bye bye pizza and hello kart. Lapor diri will be at 8.30am sharp on 21st December 2009 and formal of course. (wajib shopping nie,ki3)

Although Kart is not going to give me any allowance, (beramal jariah la aku kat situ for the whole 5 months,weee), i'll be staying at Pak Lang's house, so i guess jimat sket di situ ye..and if my body can stand the pain and not tired from the amal jariah work at kart, then maybe I'm going to do a part time job after office hours kat mana2..maybe pizza cawangan shah alam pulak, who knows right.

but not to worry because i still have my ptpt-pu to cover all my expenses then- duit minyak, servis moto, blanja makan, shopping, travelling-maybe to Langkawi. uhuk2!ngeeee
can't wait to see him. miss him like crazy.

just now i checked my email and found out that he emailed me these pictures:

di suatu ketika

1st time nmpk die pakai bj kemeja..huahuahua

bersendirian di sebuah pulau..padan muke!lol

Langkawi, i'll be there..Soon...

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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

First Day at Pizza Hut


memang bz giler nak mati..ngan ramai orgnye..pekerja plak sikit.
Mule2 masuk keje mmg snang la sbb x ramai org..kol1 baru la sesak sket..lunch hour mmg macam har*m..sume nak cepat..lambat sket dok complain x abes2..dlm kol 3 tu da kurg sket org..leh rilek2..pejam celik pejam celik-da kol4-tibe masa tok aku rehat smpai kol6..
Then, nak dkat2 maghrib tu da stat customer masuk berpusu2 smpai x ckup kaki n tgn nk handle..kalo ckop pn, mmg lenguh la d watnye..
masuk kol9.30, rilek lagi bley jln sume cm x penat kn,,masuk kol10, hmm..toksah citer nk tercabut dah kaki nie..mana x nye, before ni kat umah asek makan tido makan tido da kena jalan sana terkejar sini ha..rasakan!huhu
Tp, walo cmne pn, aku still wat nampak gagah.. mane bley kn..kne la control gak..ego beb..huhu xnkla menampakkan 1st day da longlai..da give up sume kn..
Tp seriusla..keje kat gsc yg plg aku suke..dok rilek kat counter je..dpt tgk wyg free..gaji pn lg mahal..just 1 je slack- akak aku x dok area situ..kalo x, da lame aku keje situ je..huhu
tapi walopun keje kat pizza ni penat sket, tapi bestla..sbb pekerja die sporting, penuh ngan gelak ketawa, so, xdela stress sgt kn..n one more thing, save sket bajet aku- dapat mkn free...ehe he he..

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