Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Happy birthday to you..
Happy birthday to you..
Happy birthday to KAK wani..(lol)
Happy birthday to you...

POM POM POM!!! (bunyi belon,ki3)
Mula2 ingatkan nak wat version born in the zoo tu..tapi kecian la plak..da la wani nie ala-ala manja gitu...(erkk...ahaha)

Plan malam tadi so far berjaya la walopun in short notice..
Jenuh gak la aku and As g area PKNS mencari kedai secret recipe..
Nak beli the whole cake cam banyak plak..
So, kitorang beli 3 slice je..2 choc indulgence and 1 tiramisu..
Selamat la wani suka tiramisu..pakai bantai je beli..
Kang beli yang bukan2 kang xde sape nak makan lak..
aku plak suka indulgence..x makan tiramisu- coffee kan..i don't like coffee..nescafe too..
So, safe la bile beli tiramisu and choc indulgence..
Tapi x bape sedap sangat la sebab da x sejuk..
Kitorang beli awal sebab takot kedai tutup pulak nanti kan..
fridge pn xde..huhu
Sori eh wani...
Aku xde adiah tok ko..
Cake plak da x sejuk and ko ade termakan lilin..LOL
Tapi hope u like it and happy la time kitorang surprisekan ko..
Mane la tau ko rase cam terganggu plak ke kan..
da la ko semangat giler nak wat lab report time tu..(wa tabik sama lu!ehehe)
Overall, malam tadi memang best..
Full of sweet memories..
Bergelak ketawa je memanjang..
Sian org kat bilik sebelah nak tido kan..huhuh
Mmg havoc lah..
Sampai kol 3 pagi kot dok je kat bilik ko..
Akibatnye..as and ainn ponteng kuliah kol 8am..
Aku, wani, aziah and ifa plak..
Muke x bley blah time dlm dewan kuliah..
Ngantok je sume..
Masing2 mereng...ki3

p/s : Wani, aku ngan ko da beza 2 tahun tau..jgn jeles..i'm still young!ahahaha

btw, thanks to As, Ifa, Aziah, Ainn and kawan Wani sbb m'jayakan party kecil-kecilan nie..
luv u guys! ngee~

nt aku update lagi..pics xde kat aku..biasela..kan xde camera..hp pn xde bluetooth..sob2!
suke? like la..

Monday, July 27, 2009

Nak!!!! =(

Damn it..
I really reaaalllllyyyyy want a camera..
my OWN camera..
not someone else camera that I have to borrow..
why is it too hard for me to have a camera?
I've been wanting it for so long...
especially when my phone was broken..
now I'm using my mom's phone..
sadly it didn't have the damn camera also..
ow man!!
baru je excited when I heard that there's a skim to buy camera..
don't have to pay anything for this semester..
no deposit, no processing fees and all..
just every semester, our loan that we get from ptptn or jpa will be deducted automatically..
ok la kan...
but guess what??
when I looked at the website..
the delivery charges pun da sampai rm224..
so, lets say that the camera is rm1299,
plus the shipping, the so-called insurance for safer delivery..
the auto debit fees and stamp..
total would be rm1799..
better not...
sob sob...trus mood aku down..haa
guess that I have to wait for durian runtuh la..
tah bile tah...............................Sigh..
suke? like la..

Saturday, July 25, 2009

2nd Sensory Lab

You know what..
We've been given ice cream vanilla(1 scoop je la tapi,haih), milk and coke to taste!
haaa....baru la best nk wat sensory camni..heeee
One of my friend siap mintak one more scoop of ice cream lagi..siot je...not fair!huh
I can tell you that every each and every one have a good time that day compared to the 1st lab..
Lab this time its even shorter and simpler..BUT! (there's always a but, isn't it?)
Next time will be harder cause our lecturer said that next task would be the real thing. hmmm... how hard could it be..I wonder..huhu
And then she also said that due to fasting month, there will be no lab! Yeepie! (puasa kan, camne nk rasa..huhu)
Just she told us to do all the report first..so, after finish fasting and raya, we will be rushing to do all the experiments and the final sensory PROJECT..(another project eh?ohh great!!YAY!Sigh...)
Its going to be so damn hectic..with the FPD(food product development) thingy and all the assignments and bloody reports...adoi!
poning den..poning..

p/s : do excuse me for using foul language..huhu
suke? like la..

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

MU vs M'sia!

waaa....manyak syok woo!!!huhuhu I got to go yg rematch je la..not the saturday one...
tu sure full punye..huhu
Lucky for me that my sis mmg hard core pnye MU fan..
siap bodek tu..nak blanje tiket n amek anta aku ke UKM..ahahaha
lets talk no more..
enjoy the pictures...
lets start from the beginning..shall we?

Kompleks Sukan Negara..giler ramai!
oh yea, MUFC on my sis car see?huhu

free seating je..tp berbaloi beb!
(kan FOC,ahahaha)

Malaysia fans..I never saw bendera berkibar2 cmtu
except for merdeka day..huhu

Here comes the setan..hehe

Awal giler kot me n my sis sampai sane..
terang lagi..

so..picture time tok buang mase..huhu

teringin nak mandi ke bang? lol

da ramai da time nie..and yang funny nye, everytime
there's an audiance who wears different shirt from MU or M'sia, like arsenal
or chelsea or liverpool, diorang kne boo!!! n then all the crowd jerit
"bukak..bukak..bukak" soh bukak baju yg dorg pakai tu..
segan giler!huhu

ni akak aku la yang perasan..if you look closely,
you will see that the gurl's hand kat ats kaki laki tu..
kitorang syak yg bkn2 tu bcoz
die cam pegang
samting n ramas2..LOL
bia btol kan..
sengal je...ki3

da mai da dorg tok jage keamanan..huhuhu

jauh sgt la dorg...xdpt nk cuci mata..lol

owrite..mase yg ditunggu2 da tibe..
let the game begin...

and the winner is......you know who...
setan lawan rimau..
of kos la setan menang..LOL

there was one incident time 2nd half..
ade sorg pacik ni asek jerit je for 45 mins!
i dont know whether he was drunk or what..
macam b'syair pun ade...
"come on malaysia...aman malaysia..malaysia..la3"
Sigh..rimas giler!org len siap sound lagi..
tp hmm...hampeh...still ade lg suare serak pacik tu..

sabo je la..

look at that body...fulamak weiiii!!!Rrrrr...
clear giler mata aku....ahahahaha
sengal ku da mari..hah

and that was all about it..finish..and biasela kan..
traffic jam...

Slamatla akak aku gud mood that night..
just die frust giler la sbb xde ronaldo..ahahaha
kalo x, she said that she don't mind tok beli tiket rm308 tu..giler la..
however, she kept her promise-sending me back to UKM..hehe
but before that, kitorang pekena tosai dlu..
damn we were hungry!huhuhu
suke? like la..

Monday, July 20, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Today is my friend's birthday..
she used to be my best friend before..
I don't know why we can't go back to the way we were..
Every time I try to be nice with her again..
I will always feel awkward..
I guess its true..
Once your relationship had been tore down..
It will never feel the same anymore..
No matter how hard I try..
We had took our own path..
A very different path..
You with your own friends..
I'm with another..
But to be honest..
I really miss our sweet moments together..
And I will never forget your birthday..
Because you will always be my friend..

I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings..
I'm sorry if you feel that I don't treat you like my best friend..
I do treat you like my best friend..
Honestly I do..
Just I don't know how you think..
How you would consider it as the right way to treat a best friend..
I never had a best friend that always in front of my eyes..
Because all this time..
My other best friend was far away..
So forgive me..
I'm not used to it..
I tried to follow what you taught me..
but in the end..
After what had happened..
Nothing goes right anymore..
I'm hurt when you are not responding to any of my letter..
I wrote it because I don't know how to confront you..
How to let go my anger towards you..
If you talked to me earlier..
Maybe we would not end up this way..
At that time..
I really feels that you were the one who not think of me as your best friend..
I've waited and waited..
but I guess it was not meant to be..
for us to be best friend anymore..
It's just a little too late..
So, I moved on..

I just want to say that I have forgave you and I hope that you will forgive me too..
Lets just be friend although not like the old times..
I wish you a happy birthday and I hope you will always happy in your life..
Please take care of yourself..
Because deep inside my heart..
I still care for you..
Ask my friends or my boyfriend..
I never stop talking about you..
Its shows that I always think about you..

suke? like la..

Bottom of My Heart

When I always asking about your day,
It is because I care for u.

When I text u,
It is because I miss u so much.

When I call u even for a while,
It is because I wanted to hear your voice.

When I'm complaining about how life sucks,
All I wanted is for you to listen me out.
That shows how you care for me.

When I'm telling you that I fell sick,
All I wanted is for you to tell me to take care of myself.
That shows how you love me.

When I said that I can't do something,
All I wanted is for you to tell me that I really can.
That shows you will always be there for me.

When I'm hurt because of my family,
All I wanted is for you to stand right beside me.
That shows I have someone else to call as my family.

Don't get me wrong,
I'm not intended to control your life,
Make your life miserable,
Or take your teenage life away.
I just want to be with you.

But now, I'm giving you space,
because I know how much you want it.
And I know that boys put their friends first than their girlfriend.
Don't lie.
Just admit it.
And I will accept it.
Just give me time to get use to it.
Because I'm used to let my life shrouded of you.

I'm hurt sometimes.
But its you.
You're a boy.
I'm a girl.
There's difference in the way we think.
So, I will just follow the flow.

Just Sayang,
I really hope that you will not get bored with me,
after several years we have been together.

I hope that you will be honest with me,
Don't let someone else take our love away.

I hope that you will be my friend, my hubby and the father of my child.
Because I really think that you are my soul mate. Nobody else can take your place.

I hope that you will hold on tight to our sweet memories,
so that you won't be easily letting me go.

And I hope that our love will last forever,
Just like our word HOLLAND.
I will never let you go. EVER!
(cm evil giler plak bile aku tulis 'ever' ni kn?LOL)

suke? like la..

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Transformation

This is a long time ago punye story.I have wrote it but just not yet post it..I should have post it when this semester just started cause that's when 'the transformation' happened. However, because of my hand phone was broken and there is no camera for me to snap2 the pictures, I rase x sronok plak..hehe but now, BIG thanks to Wani's help, I'm able to take the pictures that I wanted.

The story goes...

I got a call from my boyfy. He said ..

“syg..aku da on the way ke umah syg nie..tp jap g bile nk smpai, syg trun bwh cpat2 tau..ade mslh kecik sket nie..” (My sis punye umah tingkat 5,hu2)

And I was like..

'Hah...masalah ape plak nie?'

Only then I know that the problem was the surprise gift he exclusively made for me (he and his friend made it) as a reward of my hard work in completing his assignment…lol

I wasn’t expecting it at all. Not even a clue…he transformed my scoot to this lovely purple-white color. I thought he rode someone else motor. Little that I know that it was my scoot. No wonder he’s always giving me excuses lately. Busy la, meeting la. Rupe2nye die g ‘transform’ my scoot. Terharu giler!!heeeee

When I saw it with my own eyes for the first time, I was ecstatic. Rase nak peluk je die time tu…LOL tapi x boley..control2…ki3

Lets take a look at this picture? Smart x?

isn't it pretty??hehe

the killer eye..lol

Ego transform to Mio..hee~

Domino's pizzaa....ehehehe

racing team tu..jgn maen2..hehe ow wait..DO NOT spying on me k?(prasan lebey,haha)

Theme : H.O.L.L.A.N.D
Songs : It's all about you!
suke? like la..

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Masinnye Mulut


OMG! I'm late for date with my girlfriends. I'm still in my pajama. still not mandi yet..still blur bout what I'm going to wear. still don't iron my clothes yet. so much thing to do in so little time. huh but still, I'm the one yang siap dulu and tercongok kt depan block waiting for them..haaa

around 10.30am

Sampai pun Mid Valley. Tapi As x ikot. She had a fever. so, kami bertiga je la- aku, wani and bell. Aziah lepas subuh da g lowyat..huhu so, after she done searching what she wants at lowyat, she would meet us at Mid..

Our Plan
1. Find dress for wani's sister for her coming birthday but after we didn't found a cute one, wani decided to buy her mp3. bertuahnye jadi akak die. adik spend rm100++ for sister birthday!kalo akak aku..ehem

2. Find a nice cool gift for Bell's boyfy. after a lot of thinking and walking all over the place, she bought him....a clip tie. looks exclusive- I never thought of giving my boyfy a clip tie or even a tie cause I'm not sure whether he likes it or not. lagipun, I x brape tau die punye taste..haha

3. Find nothing cause I'm not intending to buy anything cause I did a lot of shopping before with my sis.huh! konon je..TAPI..I end up spending almost rm100++..LOL.. this sem I think I'm turning to be a shopaholic. don't know why.huhu Things that I bought just now- watch, female things(ehem), and a set of do-manicure-by-yourself..hehe

ni la jam baru aku..hehe murah je..nk bajet kos..ki3

4. Aziah- she got what she needs- a brand new hand phone. cute la phone tu. its sony ericson model w395.. have all functions except for 3G. just cost about rm400++ ok pe..

cute kn??huhu aziah punye purple color.

ni la hp nye n look, I'm wearing my new watch..ahaha(sj nk tunjuk gak,ki3)

The Mulut Masin

I know you are wondering bout the mulut masin..kn?kn?jangan x ngaku..huhu Its Actually like this. Every little things that we said on that day happened! see for yourself :

Situation 1
Cakap2 :Wani pangkah I when I said that I'm not going to buy anything, just follow je diorang ke Mid.
Akhirnye : I end up spending rm100++..(ni biase kot kn..x masin sgt mulut tu..huhu)

Situation 2
Cakap2 : When we ate Domino's pizza, we talked about jeans. why people loves to buy levis? is it too good? how good it can be? is it going to rip off if you suddenly jatuh motor ke..accident ke..can it protect your skins? cm dulu aku jatuh moto, slua koyak, lutut pun luke..my sis's friend- slua x koyak, lutut luke..
Akhirnye : Wani tripped when we got out from the train. abes slua koyak n kaki die luke..baru 2 kali pakai kot slua tu..

Situation 3
Cakap2 : When we tgh usha2 kasut, I saw this man- a very young man with a woman that it makes me wonder- ni ank ngan mak or boyfriend-gurlfriend(sugar mummy kot,huhu) or maybe anak mak(cause jarang aku tgk ank laki teman mak shopping..have u?) ok listen, Wani said that she got an email long time ago. its about a car accident. there was 3 people inside the car. the driver(mati), and 2 people naked- a young man with a woman who is a little bit too old for him( diorang nga wat ehem2 tu la) the woman dead, just the young man was like nyawa2 ikan jerit mak..mak..ingtkan laki tu cm saje jerit mak bile dalam kesusahan..kan slalu kalo kite nangis jerit mak..mak..kn?huhu rupe2nye the naked woman tu la mak die..hisshhh.. the women was wearing tanda salib on her neck but they are muslims..WTF right?
Akhirnye : I ter' looked at the man that I saw earlier- he was wearing tanda salib on his neck which at first I thought he was muslims..muke cam melayu..but who knows..

Situation 4
Cakap2 : talking bout betapa x senonoh betul for a malay girls who are wearing tudung bergesel2 ngan her boyfy. agak2 la awk tu b'tudung..ni x, nak berplok2..get a room la wei..
Akhirnye : in the train, it was packed like tin sardin. there was a tall man behind me. melekat giler badan die kat blakang badan aku..euwwwww!! x suke! x suke! da la die btol2 berdiri blakang aku mengadap aku..do u know what I mean?ermm..camne nk terangkn.. Ting!(lampu idea aku menyala) cmni, posisi gurl kne plok dari blakang oley boy.. ada paham?huhu..tau x betapa gelinye aku.. everytime arrived at next station, I would adjust my body or find a place that I could go away, far away from him.. but still, he would stand behind me!OMG!get me out of here!

Situation 5
Cakap2 : another story in the train. we were trying so hard to get in the train at mid valley..We hold on tight to our bags, our belongings so that x kena curi..bile da slamat masuk dlm train, Bell rase cm ringan je plastik yang die pegang.. rupe2nye Bell punye bag plastik koyak! vitagen die t'cicir..lol kesian die, x dpt die minum vitagen..kempunan die..mimpi2 la bile nk tido nt..but, after several destination when there were not many people left in the train, kitorang nampak ade vitagen bawah seat..LOL x kempunan Bell..
Akhirnye : kan Wani tripped bile nak kua dari train.. her orange that she bought at KFC abes tumpah! Wani yang kempunan..

Situation 6
Cakap2 : We were wondering balik nanti nak naek bus ke teksi..teksi cekik darah.. kalo bus, cam malas nk tunggu.. masing2 da lenguh kaki.. bile da sampai stesen UKM, oow man!ramainye org..cm kte b'empat x dapat naek je nt..teksi xde, bus da ade..tp where is the driver? pemalas btol driver nie..da nmpk ramai giler org waiting for the bus door to open, cpatla dtg n g anta budak2 balik ukm..ni x..where the hell did he go? almost 20mins we waited and sambil2 tu ngumpat bout bus driver, suddenly, a man just finished smoking- not far away from where we were sitting, go to the bus and naek kt tmpat pemandu..Shit!!
Akhinye : Every people who were waiting for the bus there dapat naek bus tu except for the four of us..damn it..saje je bus driver tu cakap bus da full! padahal ade je ruang lagi kot..Argghhhh...

In the end, we took a cab..lucky for us the cab was from lembah klang, so, kitorang kne rm6 je..kalo x, cab sini charge rm5 EACH! he drop us at KIY and because Aziah stayed at Amin and Bell at UO, I drove them to their college naek scoot..time me and bell atas moto, we saw the damn bus- we yell at the bus- "bley blah la bus..kitorang da sampai dlu tau..naek moto lagi..blah la wei" (saje lepas geram..haha)

pictures-waiting for Aziah transfer kt aku..hp aku kn da xde camera..ish2!
sudah jam 11 lebey malam..mau titon~

3.28pm 19 july 2009

aku update entry nie..nk letak some pictures so that I won't forget these fun, exciting, pitiful and yet full of laughter moments with my girlfriends..hehe

Chill at KFC.

that is Wani, Bell and me

cheesy chickerony tu sdap tp kalo mkn byk sgt, muak la plak..

Waiting for the train

nie kitorang wat train s'diri..hehe kt bwh penuh sgt..

actually this picture was taken to snap the picture of love bird behind us..
tp mamat tu cm perasan, so die cpat2 hide muke die blakang awek die..

lama sgt la train nye..bosan..

suke? like la..

Friday, July 17, 2009

Sonoknye Sensori!!!

Its a lie!!
I thought it was fun doing the sensory thingy but not..ABSOLUTELY not! Sigh..
feels like I wanna throw up after done that..
if they ask us to taste cake ka, candy ka, ice cream ka, sedap la jugak kan..
ni x..air je..pity my friend- Fifah cause dia minum semua air tuh..orang kumur je, die p telan sapa suruh?kembung perut cikk..huhu
overall my sense of taste ok la..not bad and not too good also..just enough for me to qualify to be a sensory panel..cheeewaaahhh..perasan lebey..lol

This weekend I'll be in my room at UKM..x balik kg minggu nie..so, xdpt mkn free kt umah..LOL

But its alright, cause I'm going to Mid Valley tomorrow..lepak-ing with my friends..actually I still blur about our plan tomorrow whether we just go jalan-jalan(jalan2 je ke?) or shopping(aku da puas shopping ari tu) or tgk wayang(mesti ramai gler orang) or karaoke(cm sedap je suara,lol) or ape..hah! Wani, As, and Bell..pikir2kan la eh...weeee~
suke? like la..

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Oppsss.. selera ku meningkat!!

"adikkkkkkk...."(akak aku menjerit sambil jeling2 kat aku)
what am I suppose to do? da aku lapa...aku cakap la aku lapa kn..is it wrong??
x payah la rase pelik ya amat..emo!haha

Lately I da makin kuat makan tau..skejap2 da lapa..sampai my boyfy pun heran..I don't know where I get this symptom, maybe from my friends or my sis..but no worries, tadi I checked my weight, x naek pun!! gedik je akak aku ckp mcm2..

"adik..paha ko da besar!!"
"pipi ko dik, tembamnye!!"

Jealous la tu...tau la badan aku maintain je x macam die...LOL
but I prefer if I gain weight a little bit..just a little..maybe another 1-2 kg..xdela kurus keding je cm dulu kn..heee

ow yeah, I just received my clothes that I bought through online shopping.. really satisfied with the quality and..everything la...hehe BIG thanks to k.aan for giving me discount and really happy dealing with you..ade duit nanti ira nk beli lagi!!heeeee

so guys, don't worry la kalo nk shop online k..just make sure that the site is trust able, then beli la..owrite?like k.aans blog- http://aanboutique.blogspot.com so many cute and stylo clothes..heee
suke? like la..

Friday, July 10, 2009

The Obsession

I just finished watching movie at Alamanda with my new roommate- Mai along with my course mate - Wani and Ain. We went there by car. Actually this idea came out of no where. We were all feeling bored and the idea to go for a late night movie just came up when we were eating at cafe. So, we checked online which movie is playing now and we came to a conclusion to see Obsessed.

As you can see, the actors are Idris Elba, Beyonce Knowles, and Ali Larter. The story is about a man who is blissfully happy in his career and in his marriage. But a temporary worker starts stalking him, all the things he's worked so hard for are placed in jeopardy.

I think I will give a credit to this movie cause it was interesting. Furthermore, it kinda have a similarities with my relationship. Do you still remember about the gurl? the new comer? huhuhuhu

After I watched this movie, the moral of the story is : be honest with your partner no matter how ugly and worst it could be. Just tell the truth. don't hide it or else it will get worse and worse..got that?huhu

Here is the trailer, enjoy :


The End~
suke? like la..

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

- The BIG Project -

Hoh?? only two days I went to class, got project already ah?? aiya..... lots of work to do ma....adoi!! 1st day pun da ade assignment...chi si...huhu

The BIG project is me and my group-total 9 people (all cute2 gurlz,LOL) have to do something about creating/improving a product which is food product of course that will benefits the human life, full of nutrition value something like that la. Most importantly, it have to fulfil customer needs or else who is going to buy it right? bankrup la wei..huhu

Currently, we have no idea(no eye dear-some food place at Penang like Prof Salam said,ki3) at all what to do. It doesn't matter which category we choose. It can be either about meat or chocolate or if we like to create something involving bread, go on. Just it should have quality value la. 60% woo markah die. penting tu. have to submit report and presentation also after that..Sigh..

As I recall, after we chose the product, we have to think about the ingredient, what temperature we should use, how to pack it, using what type of packaging. who is going to do the marketing part. aiya..tu blum pikir aspect taste, color, texture lagi.. adoi!!!

Cannot enjoy too much la this sem. However, I will keep on living in healthy way, LOL go jogging/badminton/swimming in the evening. have to shape up my body lor. But please don't get me wrong..I'm not intend to kuruskan badan ok. ni pun da cukup kurus da..huhu Just I want to improve my stamina, also get rid of cellulite...kakakkaka
suke? like la..

Sunday, July 05, 2009

- Kidnap -

My neighbor's daughter have been kidnapped by a man she known trough facebook! bahaya betul la skang nie.. that's why I don't do blind date or go out with anybody I know from website...nampak je baik kan..padahal...hah

My sis told me that the child, i think shes around 16 years old, have been chatting with this man for like a year trough facebook. He always ask her to meet up. One day, she had hockey, that man showed up. she said to her friend that she wants to meet him for a while. but after that, terus lebuh! lesap tah ke mana.

So, don't ever think that you will know him/her real attitude trough website. even if u always hanging out with your friends, you will never know the dark side of them. sedangkan bapak bley 'makan' anak sendiri.. right?

Also, my sis said that this kidnap thingy masuk paper..paper mingguan malaysia..page 14..go check it out if have the paper...I don't..

updated on 16 July 2009

berita tergempar!!

"saye saje je ikot mamat tu jalan-jalan..bukannye kena culik"

WTF??!!! xde public phone da ke sampai x inform kt parents kalo ye pn hp rosak..(tah iye tah tak..)hampeh punye anak..wat org risau je..die bley plak sengih2..rugi aku kesian kt die..aisshhhh
suke? like la..

- UKM..I'm Back -

I'm already at UKM in my new room..new block..new college..but the same UKM of course...hehe (bukan kena tendang k?hehehe) the block I'm staying right now is much better, way off better than my old college-KPZ... why I said that? its because KIY more cheaper than KPZ...imagine, KIY only cost rm400, KPZ? rm 598 if I'm not mistaken..also, KPZ mentekedarah! (for who that doesn't know what is the meaning of mentekedarah, its cekik darah..ok?hehe) have to pay this, pay that..bla3

I'm very satisfied with my new room..,all in new condition(baru pas renovate la katekan) I'm so lucky to have this room...much bigger, more comfortable, new furniture, just this block have 1 slightly problem...the toilet...my god! its creepy.. feels like i'm walking into one of the place in ghost story...you know, with the mirror have some lumut2 on it...very creepy... I almost tahan nak lepaskan 'hajat'..hahahahaha later in the morning I will take the picture of it k?its late already..I'm scared to go alone in there just to take the picture..kang ade imej lain plak kang..huhuhu

Overall..great..hehe dekat pun dekat ngan faculty..walking is enough, no need to ride my scoot..have to excercise a little bit..LOL

oh, I hope KPZ staff doesn't read this entry...heee~
suke? like la..

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

- 5 days to go -

I can't wait anymore...my third year at UKM will start soon..actually, not the studying thing that I've been waiting, it's because the allowance that I'll receive..Its all about money..LOL

Besides, its getting bored just sitting at home. no exciting activities that I can do. at least, at UKM, I can ronda2 with my scoot, lepaking with my friends. here, nothing much to do unless if I'm working which I planned to but you know what happened right?

Talking about money, when will PTPTN gonna give me my money? I really need that.. I'm broke already. haha come on la..hurry up..

p/s : kalo sesape da dpt ptptn, inform me k? malas la nak g cek kat bank slalu..heee
suke? like la..
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