Saturday, June 27, 2009

- It Was A Great Movie -

I just arrived from KL with my sis. haaa...best2..once again, I'm hanging out with my boyfy. hehe This time we went to watch a movie..what else?? Transformers!! Revenge of The Fallen.. It was was GREAT I tell should watch it..I guaranteed that you will come out from the cinema with a BIG smile on your face. but I guess my boyfy don't feel that way cause he was asleep! No wonder I didn't heard any response from him when all the people in the cinema including me were laughing at some part of the movie..Sigh..How can he be asleep while he was the one who is so eager to watch it? huhu

After the movie finished, he said to me that he was very disappointed because he didn't get to see the last part of the movie. I laugh to his face..hahahaha He explained that he was too tired with all the classes he had that morning and besides the show was at 11pm..finished at was late already..sape x ngantuk kan..maybe its just the wrong day and at the wrong time to watch it...huhu however, he did mention that he wanted to watch the movie again this coming Tuesday with his friends..LOL

Oh, you want to know what happen to Sam Witwicky and his hot girlfriend relationship? how bout Bumblebee-my favourite robot, so damn cute..hee I really don't wanna spoil the mood. So, you should find out yourself. Go watch it. Its worth every penny.

BTW, I can't wait to get my allowance. Shopping!! Weeee......hehhehe oh yeah, I wanna go cut my hair also. It's getting long and rimas la..huhu maybe I cut it short like the old time or maybe, if I see there is another hairstyle that suits me, I'll go with it. wish me luck k guys? hehe

One more thing, I'm hoping that I will get my own room, my privacy at UKM. It's not like I don't feel comfortable or anything with any of my roommates before just I like to have my own space especially in bedroom. heee so, KIY,please please please give me room for one.
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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

- New Comer -

This is the story of how jealous I can be. FYI, I'm a very jealous person if someone tries to get closer to my boyfy. I can't figure why. I do believe him. He is faithful but somehow I'm worried if something could happen later, you know.

Believe me or not, I've been jealous and hated Elyana and Liyana Jasmay (I used to like them before) just because my boyfy said to me that he LIKES Elyana's voice and the way Liyana Jasmay act. Weird aight? Its not like they were friends or they have been going out together or whatever. Perhaps he'll never get a chance to meet them..haha I don't know why I felt that way but I still jealous. He knew it (because I told him) however he kept saying their names or something that in some way kinda related to them..Arghhh....saje je nk knekan org..huh


Liyana Jasmay

The real subject that I wanted to talk about is this new comer. There was a gurl who is so interested in my boyfy. She even told him that my boyfy can think of her like his sister. ahh..adik angkat ye?how SWEET!Grrr She said that after my boyfy explained to her that he had a gurlfy already. Damn it.

How did they meet? They knew each other when there was some festival at their college. My boyfy handled the backstage while she was one of the performer. She sang Yuna's song. Oh and yeah, she was my boyfy's junior. Just great!hah

One more thing that really hurt my feelings was that she asked my boyfy to teach her math since she was going to have exams soon. WTF?!! You are trying to have a little time alone with my boyfy huh? nice try sis! You still don't know what I'm capable of. Don't mess with me gurl..HAHAHAHA (evil laugh,ki3)

I heard all of this from my boyfy. We are kind of have an agreement to tell each other about what had happen in our life. It is not an agreement actually, just some way for us to understand each other and keep believing in our relationship. It is better to heard bad/good news from my love than to heard it from somebody else even though the news could hurt my heart so much.

To be honest, I cried on my bed when I first found out about this. Then I took a deep breath and try to calm myself. I'm a little bit emotional that night maybe because of my hormones. LOL the way I see it, that gurl seems like she is so obsessed with my boyfy because she was so eager to get along with my boyfy. She even waited for my boyfy after the festival was over just so that she can have a little chat with him. The whole class knew about this. How could I be so relax while the whole class is gossiping him with her? gurl, I hate u, u know that?

I know that it would be improper for me to say bad things about her because i don't really know her yet but heck! I still hate her..haha my best friend said to me that I should not be worried too much cause she sees that my boyfy loves me so much and faithful (she read my messages, LOL)

p/s: to "the gurl", sorry if you read this. I hate u just because of my boyfy. if u kindly leave my boyfy alone, than I would like u..hehe
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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

- A Great Escape-

Lately, my life was surrounded by misery and full of sadness. Although I faced it with calm and acted cool, deep inside me, I really need time for myself. I just want to escape from all of this. But then again, my heart says that I shouldn't run away from my problems. It's not like it's going to solve itself, right? So, what I do is every morning when I woke up, I took a shower and turn on my music out loud and sing along. Also, dance a little bit to shake all my stress away. It works though. LOL

Every day, I did the same routine at home. I took care of my mum, doing housework, watched TV, blogging and eat sleep eat sleep. haha So, after quite sometimes, maybe my mum noticed that I need to have a little time for myself, she gave me a permission to go to KL hanging out with my boyfy. Err...well, not quite true..hehe actually the real reason for me to go to KL is to check my scooter at KG Baru (as my older sister is so damn busy to check whether my scoot is still out there or had been stolen. My scoot is just outside her block,sigh). So, I've decided that I should park my scooter at my other sister's house-Damansara. It is much safer there than KG Baru. I spend 5 days there and I really had a great time mostly because of my boyfy. heh

The Journey

It started with me get on the bus at 2pm. I arrived at Puduraya around 4 o'clock. My boyfy picked me up by his motorcycle and then we hang out at The Curve and having fun there. Later, he drops me at my sister’s house giving me a little time for me to rest. Nothing was exciting at first except that night we visited his best friend, went over to his place and cooked! haha It's really silly cause we all didn’t know how to cook kueteow tomyam. We just pakai tibai je. LOL We bought a pack of tomyam cube and other things that we thought were supposed to be in that tomyam. There were mushrooms, tomatoes, chicken, and others that I don’t quite remember. Hehe in the end, it taste good and not so bad. The credit goes to Azim because he is the one that cooked. My boyfy and I just help a little bit.

The next day, we spend the time together at Sunway Piramid. Azim didn’t follow us because he said he was tired. Besides, he had gone to Sunway for like many times. Therefore, only my boyfy and I. we walk around and go floor by floor. Haha We did bought a shirt and jeans and then we stop for a while at the ice skating place. I really want to try it but I don’t know how to skate and I’m afraid that I’m going to fell down. Huhu Then, on my way home to my sister’s place, I enjoyed the view of Sunway Piramid that night. It was amazing with the wind blowing at my face, I really feel free that day like a bird. Lagipun, kan naik moto. Hehe

When I got home, my mum called me asking about my scoot. OMG! I really forgot about that. haha So, I said to my mum that I’m gonna took care of it tomorrow. I promise! huhu Lucky for me, my sister wanted to meet my older sister tomorrow to borrow her car. So, the next afternoon, my boyfy went to my place and we took off to KG Baru with my sister. At first, our plan was to check out my scoot and go to Mines because his friends have err…something about sports competition. We planned to cheer them up, giving some support. But later, we changed our plan. We went to KLCC instead by LRT. Huhu There, we ate, we talked and we walked some more.LOL we thought that we want to enter the Aquaria but thinking that I don’t have enough money to waste LOL(tengah pokai) so, canceled! Maybe we go there some other time. We also took a picture of us as there was some show of buildings that were built by…what do you called that small thing??Aiya..What ah??It’s a little piece of object that you can build anything with it. Hmm…Never mind, I’ll just show you the picture.

look how tiny it is. I wonder how many hours needed to build this?

Justify Fulla small twin tower..huhu

Enough of KLCC, now let’s talk about Time Square! Hahaha I do walked a lot don’t you think? The Curve, Sunway Piramid, KLCC and now Times Square. hehe about Time Square, it is actually because of Farah who is my boyfy and Azim’s best friend. They have been best friend since they were kids. That time I really felt like an outsider but minute after minute with them, I put my feelings aside and try to get along with them. So far it went well and we have such a great time together although we didn’t do so much besides eating and play some game which I won. yay!!hehe

when will my dreams come true??aisshhhh

gurls power!!ahaha

Sorry guys..the victory is not yours!kakaka

kereta kecil warna merah..lalalala

makan time at Johnny's..cedap2!!

LOL korang watpe nie??

last but not least, enjoy ur meal...
suke? like la..

Thursday, June 18, 2009

- Loyal & Trust -

Actually I want to post about one of my wonderful day hanging out with my boyfy's best friends and my boyfy of course. However, the pictures that we took were in my boyfy's hand phone and since he is at kl right now and there was some problems with the Internet to send me the pictures, I thought that it should wait..cause x best la kan no pictures..won't be that interesting...its the feeling that we felt (joy,happy,eager) is the important part for you to see when u read it...LOL

So for now, I want to share with all my readers bout a relationship that should be based on loyal and trust. Is it important?duh..hehe

I believe you must be wondering why I came out with this topic right?it is not because of my past experience that brought me to this topic although I do have this loyal & trust issue long time ago,hehe . It is actually because I wake up late today..around 11.45am (don't get me wrong ok? I lambat tidur sebab siapkan assignment tau..hmm...guess that I will post the assignment topic later,huhu) and that time my mother was watching TV. To be exact, it is TV3 and was showing Wanita Hari Ini. At first I didn't gave much attention to the TV as I was lazying on my bed, daydreaming bout..shhh..won't tell you..hehe then suddenly it caught my attention when I heard they were talking about someone close to you that had betrayed you in some kind of way. Don't care what it is whether it is bout cheating in a man-woman relationship or friends relationship.

The guest for that show are Wati(she's a celebrity but I don't know who,haha) and Ustaz don't-know-who again but the point is he is a pakar motivasi that will give advise and share his thought bout the topic. Well, it is said in the newspaper that Wati have some kind issues with her friend where her friend accused her for taking or using her personal things something like that (If you want to know who is Wati, go figure...huhu). So, she felt that her friend betrayed her by accuse her to the press for something that she had not done and why her friend was acting like that. She said that she's a forgiven person and will let it go but to be friend with her like before, it will be hard cause once you betrayed someone, there will be a gap between you and him/her later.

The host of the show said that why we were doubtful about someone we close to for example our life partner or our girlfy/boyfy 's honesty more than our friends or someone else? well, the answer is simple.

The closer you are with somebody, the more doubtful you can get. It is not because we don't trust them. We do trust them but we will be more sensitive or fragile towards their action. 

I absolutely agree with this. Let me give you an example, if someone you know maybe for like couple of days, lied to you, do you would feel hurt as bad as if your life partner cheating on you?haa??now you know what I mean..huhu

Then there was a caller and told them that her husband had married to another woman and tak balik umah for almost 3 years. She wanted a divorce but her husband just kept quiet and ignored it. Therefore, she wanted to hear Ustaz opinion about that and what is the way out?

First of all, Ustaz congratz her for her patience in accepting the fact that her husband had another wife. Not all women can do that you know and I think that I was one of the gurl that can't truly accept the fact if my boyfy/my husband someday had someone else. you all cam mane?huhu

Ustaz gave his opinion. He said that it is better to give another chance or another try in that relationship. Try to make a decision that makes everyone happy if possible. A divorce is much more pain than usual fight with your life partner because after you berbaik again after long hours of fighting, you will feel much more relief and it shows that how close you are with your partner. If it is a divorce, it will hurt so bad. I just remember that says something like this (correct me if I'm wrong).

A life with you will hurt me sometimes but a life without you, it will be the worst life of all. 

That's what I feel though about my boyfy,hehe.

After they heard about Ustaz opinion, Wati then quote back the word "She wanted a divorce but her husband just kept quiet and ignored it" and asked why most man will let the problem go away just like that? not ever tried to solve it. Damn true...huhu

So, he answered that it was because the differences of how we think between man and women. probably men will think that it is enough if they just give you money, food n luxury but for us as woman, wife, we need love, hugs and kisses from our husband. Not just luxury. What is more important is having someone we love beside us. That is the reason why sometimes we fight with our life partner just because of a little misunderstanding.

I have to agree because based on my experience, when I got into fight with my boyfy, I wanted him to pujuk I balik, I don't know maybe give me a song, or write a couple of sweet words for me, give me flower perhaps...hehe but you know what, he thought that he should give me some time for me to chill n relax, only then he will contact me...if not, no calls, no msgs no nothing...Sigh...whether you like it or not, you have to accept it..its the way they are..its their identity...have good and bad, pro and con...nobody is perfect...

suke? like la..

Thursday, June 11, 2009

- Puzzle Maniac -

Do you remember about the unfinished puzzle that I told you before? If you read about the dark memory in life part 3 if I'm not mistaken, then you know what I'm talking about..

Hmm...lets see..the last time I did the puzzle is when my parents went to Kedah right..then, my sister and I followed to Kedah later at that night..But since I was in Kedah for like 2 weeks, I though I can continued doing the jigsaw puzzle when I got home..However, guess what? my maid accidentally or i don't know, maybe she though that the puzzle is like rubbish and menyemakkan umah, she clean it up..she put back the 1000 pieces back into the box!Oh Man!! Sigh...So, I have to start all over again...

After few days idling at home, I've succeed!huhu I made it all by myself without any help...unfortunately, it seems that there are 4 pieces of the jigsaw puzzle are missing...Sigh..

all 1000 pieces of it..

1st step- divide it..

2nd step

hmm..da ade rupe da sket..hehe

Finally!!but look..there are something missing.

There you go..isn't it a lovely view?haha

I think I'm gonna have a lot of jigsaw puzzle after this...not because I want to hang it on the wall but I just love doing it...maybe after I finish doing it, snap a few pictures and then I will put it back into the box..ahahaha or maybe if the pictures are lovely and suitable, I'll frame it and hang it..ok?hehe

suke? like la..

- Result oh Result -

Oh no!! result for last semester has came out.. I wonder what my result would be? is it good? or is it bad? Nahh... I've known it already..guess what?hampeh...LOL

After all my effort, trying to achieve good result, it makes me your hard work and long hours of studying worth it?are you happy and satisfied with your result? hehe for me, there is no use if you don't satisfied with your result...blame myself is what I would do, because who asked you not to study harder..I mean not study a lot earlier? I know it is my fault for studying last minute...thinking that I'm good enough to score...silly me!haha

So, what should I do to make myself better for this coming semester?
First, focus in class! dont daydreaming je..(this is what I do most in class,hehe)
Second, do some revision...don't lazy2 hah...
Third, make short notes or mind I used to when I'm in matrics..
Then, do a lot of questions...not puzzles..ahaha
Lastly, relax...pray a lot and do some revision for exams...owrite??

Enough of my plans I would follow all of this...maybe right at this moment I would do all of this but later who knows if I have M(malas) sickness all over my body again..LOL

Now, lets take a look at these pictures...we were discussing about one of the killer subject- biochemistry...huhu

look how focus and blur we are...haha

the only guy in our group discussion


So, we take a break and have a sengal moment...hahaha we sing a song, bergelak ketawa, bersuka ria and bergumbira..
what?any pictures??opppsss.....cannot show in public...hehehe
suke? like la..
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