Tuesday, April 21, 2009

-What A Long Day-

One morning, my parents along with my adopted little brother came to Kuala Lumpur to visit my sisters and me. So, I got up from my bed and get ready to go to my sister's house. I went there by commuter from UKM station to KL central then switched to LRT to KG Baru station where my older sister's live. (It's tiring but its ok cause dapat makan free...hahahaha) However, my older sister asked me to go to KLCC instead of KG Baru because she wants me to accompany her to pay her Maxis bills. My parents are still on their way to KL so there is no need to hurry. Then we decided to feed our stomach first because we are so damn hungry. LOL... We shared chicken carbonara spaghetti. Awesome!! ^-^

While we were enjoying our food, my other sister (who lives in Damansara) called us and asked us where were we. I told her that we were at KLCC paying bills except the eating part. hehe (naya la kalo bagitau kn...Of course kena bebel sebab x tunggu diorang makan sama...haha) she said that they had arrived at KG Baru and told us to meet them there. So, we hurried up and took LRT to KG Baru. Once we arrived there, we then went to pizza's place. Thank God I'm not full yet. Bley la makan lagi...Gemuk la cmni..hahaha Here are some pictures of my adorable little brother yang macam x makan 10 ari tu...LOL

Ok...So far so good. Everything went smoothly. No trouble at all. After we done eating and chit-chatting, my parents drop my older sister and me at KG Baru and they went home to Perak. Later my sister asked me to hang out with her for the day and she wanted to watch football that night. MU vs. Sunder land... (She's a big fan of MU...what??me?? football?? Ok la...love to watch but not a fan...hehe)

So, that means I have to stay at her house right? But wait a minute...I didn't bring my laptop which I usually bring wherever I go but why I'm not bring it that day...why oh why??huhu Its only 3pm at that time...What am I gonna do? There are 6 hours to go...hmm...so, she gave me an idea...She said...what about, I go back to Bangi, take my laptop and go back to her house? Kind a craaazy idea but well, I rather go take my laptop than sit there with nothing to do...Furthermore, she had modem which enables me to surf the Internet...That's when the troubles began...haha

Once again I took LRT from KG Baru to KL central. But when I arrived at KL central, wanna switched train to Seremban, it shocked me when I saw plenty of people there waiting for the train...mmgla slalu ramai orang kan but this time there are soooooo many people...I wonder why...Then I heard an announcement which said something like "because of many delays of the trains to Seremban bla3...the problem will solve in about 45 minutes." Now I get it...I thought 'Ok, never mind...'

Suddenly I heard someone calling out my name...I looked around and I saw my course mate...Its Akmal and Hafiz...Now I don't feel too bored because I have friends to talk to and will make the time go by a lot faster...

Time goes by and train still not showing up. Da sejam lebih da nie...Grrrrr...Then I heard another announcement said that the train is at Rawang station and will arrive to KL central in the next 45 minutes...f**k! What the hell...I have to wait another 45 minutes?? Damn...

There, I saw bermacam-macam ragam of people...Ade yang patient, foul mouth, and there are some incidents too...Let me show you the picture that I took...

From the way it looks, I think that the blue shirt is the pick pocket and the Chinese guy wearing white shirt is the victim. I thought so because the white shirt guy calling out the police to tell about the incident and it seems that the blue shirt guy yelling at the police to say that he is not guilty. Perhaps...huhu the drama ends up unknown.

BTW, there is one incident that makes me wanna puke...uwekkk...It's about this 'cute' (what I mean was chubby/fat) couple hugging and smooching and ihihihihi...(They were laughing like gedik giler!!euuwwww....) get a room la...urgghhhh..

After 2 hours of waiting, finally the train's coming...I heard the police blew his whistle - for safety la...but this old guy who stands right next to me said very loudly "ape tiup2 whistle?Orang da tunggu lame da..." OMG...malunye aku...Every faces there were looking at me... maybe they thought that he is my dad perhaps...Nooooooo!!! I've nothing to do with that old guy...No uh...huhu

So, you do know what happen right when there are sooooo many people who were eager to jump on the train? Sigh...I missed the train! =(
my course mate also missed the train along with the 'cute' couple and the uncle. I finally got on the next train after 30 minutes of waiting and arrived at UKM at 6pm...I just spend 3 hours waiting for the f**king train...Damn...What a waste of time...

After taking my laptop and what so ever, I immediately rode my ego and went back to the station to catch the train...unfortunately, I had to face the same situation again...the delay thing! WTF...haaaaaaaaaa.....not again!

When I arrived at my sister's house, my sister welcomed me with a big smile on her face...Unlike me, monyok je and siap sumpah sranah lagi...huhu but you know what happen next? After all the troubles I went through, it's not even worth it...Guess what?? I did bring my laptop but I forgot to bring along the AC adapter...Nooooooooo!!!! Why is this happening to me??!! Why didn't I check my stuff before I left my room...Why??!! Shit...

So, moral of the story are:
::Do bring your laptop if you think laptop is important to you.
::Check all things that you want to bring with you.
::Don't left anything behind.
::Curse the KTM sdn bhd for the damn train. LOL

suke? like la..

Saturday, April 11, 2009

-White Dove-

Jinak-Jinak Merpati

Actually this phrase was given to me by some guy..I don't really remember who is that guy but this is what he said to me..Do you know what it means?? According to Kamus Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka (ye..ye memang aku cek pn..Hehe) it means that "perempuan yang kelihatannya ramah dan mudah didapat, tetapi apabila didekati menjauhkan diri" When I think about it..yeahhh...It suits me and it may be the best way to describe my attitude..hehe Why did I say that? I'm friendly, lovvvveeee to smile (even to strangers ^-^) and an easy going person but I dont like if someone pushed me.. I'm not a gurl who go on a date with guys that I dont even know yet or not know them quite well...even if my old friends asked me out...I don't know why..

One more thing about me is that I don't know how to let people down.. When my answer is No, and they start to like..."alaaaa......"aisshhh...I felt terrible...I really don’t know the best way to reject them when they ask me to go out with them.. So, I kept on giving the same old same old excuses.. Busy la.. Lot of assignments to do la.. Tired la.. Hoping that the guy would understand that I'm not going out with you..Get it? And in the end, I will feel guilty for letting them down...weird aight??!huhu

Sometimes people do have strong spirit and never wants to give up..I admired that kind of attitude but please...do not push me..Ok? Please..I’m begging you..Please......so if you simply think that you can have me, think again...OK? =p

suke? like la..

Friday, April 10, 2009

-Under Construction-

After I went back from classes, I don't know what to do.. I'm feeling tired and all but I couldn't sleep..(Weird aight for me not feeling sleepy, haha) exams are coming soon but study??Huh not in the mood right now, so, I thought hey, maybe I can explore some of the cute blog n accessorize my blog.. There I am..Searching and searching and still searching.. Gosh.. Its reaaaallllyyyy really hard for me to decide which one that I want to put in my blog.. Imagine, it took me almost 1 hour and half just to pick a background.. Duh.. haha but still my blog is not fully finished, I still want to add little something something here and there.. Hope you guys like it and will come back to my blog for more.. But if you don’t like it, lantak la.. I don't give a damn.. As long as I like it..It’s my blog anyway.. Hehe jangan marah ah..and one more thing, I know that my English is not that good.. got many grammar mistakes, spelling errors la la la, but I'll try to improve it ok..So, take care guys!!

suke? like la..

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Im coming!!

Hey guys.. Finally the time to create my own blog has come!! I'm coming.. ^-^ BTW, I'm Faziera.. You can call me anything.. Don’t mind at all cause my old friends used to call me iera, faz, and the nickname that I won’t and never forget is panda.. Weird huh? not that I'm fat or I have a short tail or whatever.. duh, but because of the incident that happen a long time ago which I got hit by a volley ball in the eye..Ouch.... abes lebam mata..LOL You noticed right that panda had black eyes.. Huh it’s my boyfy who gave me that name..Silly.. Hehe enough of that, let’s talk about something else..Hmm..Ow yea..Before I forgot, I want to apologize to my friends out there if I'd done anything wrong (is there any? haha) so do forgive me k? And FYI I've changed my number from maxis to celcom (It's cheaper than maxis kn, LOL) so, please contact me using YM k? That’s it for now.. I'll save others in the next coming story...daaa....

suke? like la..
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