Saturday, December 26, 2009

Tak Bestnye..

Mane pergi semua orang?
mentang2la friday cuti christmas, semua balik umah eh?
baru je ingat nak ajak pergi shopping..
da terbengkalai plan..
adoi..(sambil mengeluh)

da x saba ni nak spend duit ptptpu..muahahahaha

blum duit gaji pizza lagi..hehehe
ohh..x boley..kena simpan tu tok kawen..ahaha

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Friday, December 25, 2009

Internship at Kart Food Industries.

What’s so special about it?
Why do you still want to do your internship there?
You will not be getting any allowances.
You will not be given any house or room for you to stay.
So why?

I seriously don’t know. huahua

Day 1.
It’s 8.30 am Monday morning.
I’m standing in front of the building.
Almost all Kart’s staff was there.
Looking and pointing at me.
Ni mesti budak baru ni
oohh, ni la budak dari UKM tu kot
I guess these words that run on their mind and their mouth. I hope so.
Not like “yay, ade anak ikan baru..” or like “menyemak je budak nie kat sini” or something like that. No negative2 thingy..Huhu

Ok. Now I know that Kart’s have their own tradition which is every Monday, they will gather and have an assembly. We were supposed to sing Lagu Negaraku, ikrar and senamrobik too. Amalan yang amat sihat. Haha
Next, one member of each department will go out front to give some comments/info or tell us what problems that they had encounter so far and so on.
Then I was called to give a short introduction about myself. My name, my nickname, which university I came from. bla bla bla Basic stuff la.
I don’t know about other companies but 1st day at Kart was nothing much to do. They just showed me around the factory and all I have to do is follow my supervisor and that’s all. Huhu memang relax. But the worst part is, when you don’t have anything to do, you will easily get bored. And sleepy!haha!
serious ngantuk wei..pagi ngantok..lepas lunch ngantok..lame2 bley jadi ular sawa..hehe

p/s: Christmas aku keje..saturday also..ahhhh..Damn it! wuuu

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Monday, December 21, 2009

I'm sick of it.

Semua orang pernah kena.
Right isn’t it?
Tapi apa puncanya?
Is it because of the weather?
Masalah kebersihan diri?
Or perhaps H1n1 flu.
Huhuhu better not la.
For almost 13days, I’ve been sick.
At first, just seleseme and batuk.
I have taken my meds but still after a week, it got worst.
In fact demam and pening join skali.
I don’t know why I’m not easily recovered like always.
Usually it takes only 2-3 days for me to recover from any sickness.
But this time, aahh… too many assumptions..
My dad point of view :
Maybe I’m too tired with all the work at Pizza’s place and not getting enough rest.
My sis, her boyfy and my mom point of view :
Maybe kena ‘ketegur’ (kena tegur ngan hantu la something like that)
My boyfy point of view :
Maybe denggi or H1n1! (ah sudah..)
Go on. Pick which one you like most. Huhu

Due to dysfunctional of the meds given by private clinic, I tried traditional way.
Berubat. Kot-kot kena ketegur.
Habis badan aku kena pangkah sana pangkah sini. Then, cuci muka and kepala with air yasin.
I felt much better. All the headache gone and I can sleep well. No more nightmares what so ever.
But sadly, just for a while. As I went back to KL, the sicknesses also followed me and drag me back to my misery. Ah!damn it.
Being scared of current news that H1n1 gelombang ke-2 will come any time now, I insist on going to the hospital. After office hours, my sis terus bawak pergi hospital Sg. Buluh.
Thank god nothing serious. Doc gave me stronger antibiotic because usual antibiotic can no longer protect my body from bacteria attack- that’s what she said.
Now, no more flu, no more headaches and no more fever.
Batuk je yang x elok-elok lagi.
Plus dapat hadiah saguhati - Suara jadi sengau. Hahaha

p/s: thanks to my boyfy cause bersusah payah turun kl dari langkawi and visit me. Tah-tah x sehat-sehat sebab demam rindu je..uhuk..uhuk.. =p

later i'll tell you bout my 1st day internship at Kart Food Industries Shah Alam which I started this morning. Later ah!hehe

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Monday, December 07, 2009

I'm Lucky. I guess.

I'm sitting here at pizza place.
Not doing any customer service.
Not setting the tables also.
neither does mopping nor gossiping with the staff.
instead, i tumpang surfing the internet.
Plus, get free foods and free drinks too.

Until now, I have a very good day. but i must not celebrate it just yet because i still don't know what will come next. bak kata orang dulu-dulu:
"gelak-gelak jugak tapi biar berpada-pada, nanti kang ade jugak yang menangis."
hohoho. so, better watch myself. last, Kart Food Industries accept me back!whoo hoo. So, xde lah aku pening-pening kepala lagi dah nak cari kat mana2 tempat practical or worse, doing my internship at UKM. oppss! (bukannye teman nak ngutok ukm tapi bior le teman merase keroje kat lua, iye dak?hehe)

Thus, I have another (err..1,2,3 and still counting) 10 days for me to work at pizza hut, and then bye bye pizza and hello kart. Lapor diri will be at 8.30am sharp on 21st December 2009 and formal of course. (wajib shopping nie,ki3)

Although Kart is not going to give me any allowance, (beramal jariah la aku kat situ for the whole 5 months,weee), i'll be staying at Pak Lang's house, so i guess jimat sket di situ ye..and if my body can stand the pain and not tired from the amal jariah work at kart, then maybe I'm going to do a part time job after office hours kat mana2..maybe pizza cawangan shah alam pulak, who knows right.

but not to worry because i still have my ptpt-pu to cover all my expenses then- duit minyak, servis moto, blanja makan, shopping, travelling-maybe to Langkawi. uhuk2!ngeeee
can't wait to see him. miss him like crazy.

just now i checked my email and found out that he emailed me these pictures:

di suatu ketika

1st time nmpk die pakai bj kemeja..huahuahua

bersendirian di sebuah pulau..padan muke!lol

Langkawi, i'll be there..Soon...

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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

First Day at Pizza Hut


memang bz giler nak mati..ngan ramai orgnye..pekerja plak sikit.
Mule2 masuk keje mmg snang la sbb x ramai org..kol1 baru la sesak sket..lunch hour mmg macam har*m..sume nak cepat..lambat sket dok complain x abes2..dlm kol 3 tu da kurg sket org..leh rilek2..pejam celik pejam celik-da kol4-tibe masa tok aku rehat smpai kol6..
Then, nak dkat2 maghrib tu da stat customer masuk berpusu2 smpai x ckup kaki n tgn nk handle..kalo ckop pn, mmg lenguh la d watnye..
masuk kol9.30, rilek lagi bley jln sume cm x penat kn,,masuk kol10, hmm..toksah citer nk tercabut dah kaki nie..mana x nye, before ni kat umah asek makan tido makan tido da kena jalan sana terkejar sini ha..rasakan!huhu
Tp, walo cmne pn, aku still wat nampak gagah.. mane bley kn..kne la control gak..ego beb..huhu xnkla menampakkan 1st day da longlai..da give up sume kn..
Tp seriusla..keje kat gsc yg plg aku suke..dok rilek kat counter je..dpt tgk wyg free..gaji pn lg mahal..just 1 je slack- akak aku x dok area situ..kalo x, da lame aku keje situ je..huhu
tapi walopun keje kat pizza ni penat sket, tapi bestla..sbb pekerja die sporting, penuh ngan gelak ketawa, so, xdela stress sgt kn..n one more thing, save sket bajet aku- dapat mkn free...ehe he he..

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Monday, November 23, 2009

Could it be any worst?

It turns out that today is even worst than yesterday. I don’t know why my luck is getting less and less. Did I do something wrong? hmm..byk dosa la nie..haha

I went to Kelana Jaya to get typhoid injection but somehow when I arrived there, the girl at the reception counter told me that they had stopped the service. Only private clinic do the injection thing. My god! punyela jauh aku bawak moto g klana jaya, tup2 xde plak. Xpe..still bley saba lagi.

Ok, I moved on to Putrajaya. Gagah ni bwk my scoot to Putrajaya alone from Damansara. Da pakar da jalan nak ke sana but still Tanya jugak la pak polisi mana bangunan JPN (Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara). After a while, I managed in renewing my ic but the officer said that ic siap esok.
“esok pagi baru siap ye dik..”
“alaa..x boley dapat petang ni ke?saya dating dari jauh ni..”
“xdapatla dik..sorry eh?” (senyum sambil menayangkan gigi die, hissh)

‘Nampaknye sok jugakla bley wat account maybank. Hmm..cmni, skang ni try tanye dulu maybank sini, kot2 bley wat x payah gune ic ke..’ (monolog dalaman)

Bile klua je dari JPN, I saw one ‘macho’police officer ngan kaca mata hitamnye standing beside my scoot with a paper in his hand. Ahh sudah! Apa plak ni?!
“x boley parking kat sini eh?”
“x boley..bahaya parking kat sini..”
“ohh yeke?x tau plak saya..saya pun baru dating sini..ingat boley parking sbb nampak byk moto parking sini..”
“tu la..kite slalu ikot orang..lain kali jangan parking sini dik..adik dari mana?”
“ adik pegi sebelah maybank tu, ade tempat bayar saman. Try mintak kurang. Sini saya letak rm50, boley dapat kurang rasenye..dalam rm20 cmtu..”
‘cett..ingat ajak sembang sbb die nak cancelkan saman tu..rupenye x..wat pnat aku je bermanis –manis muke kat sini..hmm”

Sampai kat maybank, still dapat jawapan yang sama.
“kena gune ic jugak kalo nak bukak account. G renew dulu..”
Penat aku penat! Rest jap. Pikir dulu pe yang patot aku wat.
Truuttt..truutttt…my sis called.
“nape fa?”
“adik, aku da call nurulaida tu..” (nurulaida= supervisor aku kat kart food industries tempat internship) “pastu?dapat elaun x?”
“die cakap xde tempat utk ko practical” (WTF??!!)
“eh!apsal plak? Ari tu kate da confirm aku bley ape cite ni?suke2 ati je cancel..”
“dengar la dulu!”
“die cakap die ade call lecturer ko tapi lecturer ko x angkat. So, die bg sms bagitau pasal cancel ni. Reason die sebab suasana kat situ x fun utk budak wat internship. Pastu lecturer ko just reply OK. Die ingat da settle la prob tu..and then die tanye aku, lecturer x contact ko ke..aku ckp la xde..”

“Laa..apsal lecturer ni..adoi..tensyen la aku..da la aku kena saman..pas satu, satu masalah aku..arghh”
“saman?!polis saman?err..xpe..nanti bagi kat aku, aku ade member ley tolong settlekan..”

“oh eh?oklah..bye..”

Now what? Masalah tempat practical plak dah..semak kepala aku..better aku g bangi, jumpe Dr. Sahilah kesayangan. So, aku pun scoot la lagi dari Putrajaya ke UKM, Bangi.
Malang lagi nasib aku.. lecturer xde. K.Mala yang kat office pun xde. Sms, no reply. Call, no answer. How??
Tunggu punye tunggu, pikir punye pikir..jam da pukul 1.30pm. g lunch la..lapa seh.. after pekena tosei and teh o ais (x lalu sgt nak makan,perut da masuk angin), aku lepak umah ira..sembang2 ngan die..kol3.30pm, aku g balik faculty, still xde. Hmm..lalu kat pusat kesihatan ukm, teringat pasal suntikan tu, benti jap la..mane tau dapat free ke, ade student price ke..huhu
“ye..sakit ape?”
“nak tanye, suntikan typhoid ade x buat kat sini”

“jap eh,akak call orang atas jap”
Cot cet cot cet cot cet…
“ade..tapi doc tengah, sok pagi adik dating balik boleh?bayaran akak x tau brape tapi yang pasti x sampai rm50 la..”
‘esok lagi..balik-balik esok..balik-balik esok..x settle2 masalah aku..’
That night, I stayed at my ‘old place’. Umah sewa lama aku dulu.. sembang punye sembang, dok tanye pendapat sana sini, last2 aku wat keputusan :

X Payah KEJE! Focus on Practical.
Suppose start internship 21 December. But Kart Food Ind soh start 4 January. Now, bile da x jadi dgn Kart, aku kena start 21hb December la. Nape x payah Keje kat Pizza? Sbb x ckup sebulan. So, takot kalo aku end up wat charity work je nanti sbb x dapat gaji. Lagipun banyak sgt cekadaknye..suntik la..bukak account maybank la..nak salinan kwsp la..gambar la..fotostat tu, fotostat ni..wat pening kpale je..Better focus pada tempat practical..lagi penting..
What do you say?uhuk!

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Worst day ever

It's Wednesday.
Today’s plan-nak settlekan all documents needed in order to work at pizza hut

What to do?
Get typhoid injection at pejabat kesihatan. (murah sikit dari clinic)
Open maybank account. (pe lagi kad bank yang aku xde?Rhb,Cimb, Bsn, Bank Islam sume ade..huh)
Print out KWSP account number. (penah open dulu sbb used to work at Guardian)
Photostat IC and documents above.
And lastly, 2 keping gambar. (gambar2 ni yang aku menyampah, asek mintak yang latest je)

Ok. Seems like all details have been list out very smoothly right? All things can be done in just one day but the timing was wrong! Why?

At Maybank:
“Dik, IC ni ade problem la..x boley bace..kena renew ni..”
“kena renew? X de care laen ke? Gune lesen ke?”

“x boley la dik..nak bukak account kena gune ic gak..”

“oh yeke?hmm..” (siot je, aku bukak kat cimb gune lessen bley je..shady tol)
“adik g seksyen 8, renew ic..tapi amek mase 2 minggu la..” (oh damn! camne gaji aku nt?)

“tapi kalo adik nak cepat, g putrajaya..putrajaya seari je..” (there’s hope..i think)
“Oo..ok, erm kak, kalo nk print out kwsp tu, kne gune ic kan?”

“a ah..kena gune ic gak..” (adoi, xbley jugak la nk print out..)
Kesimpulannye: bukak account and KWSP cancel.

On the way to Pejabat Kesihatan :
Hujan lebat x ingat! Lenjun abes aku naik moto..da la pakai baju putih..mak sexy nyah!LOL slamat sempat cekau my sis punye jacket warne itam..t’tutup sket kan..huhu
Half way, ujan lagi menggila..i stopped for a while at shell station. I called my sis and she told me to turn back and go home. Lagipun x sempat nak g inject, da kol3.45pm. tutup kol4.30pm. Great isn’t it? Haa

On my way home ngan perut lapanye, traffic jam pulak..da la basah, kete banyak plak tu..kena pandai mencelah la..tapi yang peliknye, kereta x jalan2 if the time had stopped and all cars didn’t move at all, not even a single move. Just me and my scoot. So weird. But then, in front there I saw this :

**gambar x dapat nak di sertakan kerana mengalami masalah teknikal. Harap maklum. Terima kasih.

No wonder la..banjir! semua kereta stuck kat sini. there’s no other way. Haha

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Leaving for a while

Arini da start kena packing barang2 sume sbb my sis akan dtg tonight. So, umah die akan disemakkan ngan barang2 aku. hehe kan senang kalo ade keta, time ni la niat aku utk blaja bawak keta and amek lesen menggila. huhu

hmm..lepas ni seriously aku akan rindukan kenangan kat sini. pd kawan2 aku or yang x anggap aku kawan pn, aku mintak maaf kalau2 aku ade sakitkan ati korg. i'm truly sorry. for those yang nampak aku cam pendiam tu, its all because aku mmg pendiam pada awalnye.. tp pada sape yang kenal aku betul2, i'm not that shy. kesengalan aku akan terserlah jugak akhirnye.. huhu

nanti aku akan practical sorg2 kat kart food industries shah alam. huu..sedey, xde xpe, tu x menjadi masalah..hopefully ade student dari U laen wat practical kat situ gak n sedap mata memandang supaya mate aku sentiasa clear..LOL

shah alam and bangi xde la jauh mane, so insyaAllah aku akn datang once in a while to UKM and jenguk korang kat sini ade ke yang nak aku dtg jenguk?ki3

lastly, aku doakan budak yang 3 tahun and my seniors tu akan berjaya grad and x repeat paper. nt da grad jgn lupe aku plak. kalo x, xmo dtg time korang punye graduation day..huhu and untuk yang x abes lagi blaja kat UKM next sem (budak cosm8, budak club wawasan, housem8 n junior2 aku) jumpe lg nanti k? 1 sem kot aku xde kt UKM..hmm..

i will miss you guys and do keep in touch..

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Monday, November 09, 2009

x suke!x suke!

last night, xde air kat toilet. so, disebabkan kemalasan yang teramat sangat, i hold my hajat to pee..lantakla kan..bukannye aku ni jenis yang sampai termimpi-mimpi and kencing malam kn..huhu

but today, i lost my patience. no water till 10am. ok, still can stand it. exams at 12pm. then i heard someone shouting very loudly and happily

"yeaa da ade air!!"

For a second, i thought that is a good news. So, i picked up my things, towel and everything i needed and go straight to toilet. but guess what? color of the water at the sink is yellowish..wth?euww..gross!

however, i thank god when i found out that the shower is not so yellowish and i succeed in having a not-so-nice bath after i told myself repeatedly that it was OK. huhu

but to use that water for drinking purposes even to make hot milo with it, i don't think so. I can't. and the smell. yakk...tapi ni air yang kat sinki la. kalau kat bilik air tu of course la x mandi kan? LOL

aku lebih rela angkut barang2 mandi and gi blok laen dengan muke x mandi sume..huhu

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Saturday, November 07, 2009

He's so not worth it

I don't know why girls always end up having relationship with man that is so *ucking rude and does not valued girls at all.
and I don't get it why girls still kept thinking about that ***hole and willing to forgive and forget after she's been treated like a street cat or should i say like garbage.


after all that she's done for you and loves you so much, how could you do that to her?you dumped her, you take her back and then dumped her again for a stupid reason. Now, you want to take an advantage on her?how could you,you stupid dum dum! I *ucking hate this guy!

I thought you can change and treat girls nicely but NO!it's so damn hard. and when I told you the truth the reason why I'm friend with you all this while, you seems like you don't give a sh*t at all. like you had not done anything wrong. don't you have a heart?you selfish moron.

All you think about is yourself. your needs. your desire. you don't even care if you hurt someone don't you?and you have been wondering why you can't trust your current girlfriend. you asked me why?It is because of yourself, you idiot! how can you trust your girlfriend when you yourself can't be trusted and loyal to someone you love?

wait! is there L word in your life dictionary? do you know the meaning, the real meaning of it? or you were just using the L word to get girls attention? i don't know if you really love your current girlfriend right now based on what you told me sad you were when you had to break up with her..bla3..but still, you go behind her back. hook up with other girl when you had the chance, right? is that love? NO!i don't think so. it's LUST!

there's no LOVE word in your dictionary, it's just LUST word. that's why you can't live without girls. you just want them to be there when you are desperate, wanted them to fulfill your needs. that's the reason why you don't like a long relationship. am i wrong? i loathe you!

i hate what you did to my friend. i hate when you didn't care at all and i hate when you act like nothing happened. Urghhhh!

You are just a waste of time.

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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Read This

"saya doakan supaya ira dapat balik kunci dia yang hilang, Amin.."

baca ni byk2 kali ye..huhu

yesterday I lost my key..I don't know where but I'm surely that it's not missing at Azura's or pasar malam...

what I remembered was:
I had a discussion with wani and faizah..then at noon, wani and I went to lunch with Mai at Azura..I did bring my keys with me but I left it in Mai's car when we had our, bukanla tinggal kat azura..then we took off to college and I get out from the car..after that- blank..da x tau kunci tu still ade with me or not..

after lunch, we head back to discussion, finished around 4 and then I hangout at Wani's room until Mai ajak pegi pasa malam..time balik tu baru sedar yang kunci xde..but what I do know, kat pasa malam mmg xbawak skali kunci sbb 1 tangan pegang beg..and the other hand pegang purse..hmm..where could it be hah?

memula I thought I left it in Mai's car but it wasn't there..i checked many times..same goes to wani's room..still not, only one place left-bilik jaksa..i hope it's there..please..

nk duplicate bley tapi kunci yang lagi satu tu da bengkok-impact accident moto ari tu..

p/s: time nak tido sampaila bangun pagi tadi-asek ingat pasal kunci je..nak jawab exam pun asek-"kunci..mane aku letak kunci hah?mane ha?kunci.." even time nak memerut pun pikir pasal tu..LOL

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Saturday, October 31, 2009


Everybody waits for something in their life..
it might be parents waiting for fortune to give the best education for their kids and treat them well with love and luxury..
it might be prisoners who are waiting for forgiveness for what they had done in their life..
it also might be a lonely person who's waiting for someone to come along in their life to bring them out from the dark and misery..
or even for patients who had uncured disease waiting and counting each day they had before the time comes...

well for me, I'm waiting for someone special..hehe not that I don't have one, I do but he's far away..He's doing his internship at Langkawi for 8, no more dates for the whole damn months..hmm..I know it's hard when the person you love is not at your side but I believe I can get through this..its not like he's not coming back isn't it?I should just be patient..

basically this is the time to know yourself better whether you truly love him or not..
by that I mean:
can you control yourself from cheating when he's not around you?
can you be faithful and waits for him?
can you live without him?
can you trust him when you don't know what he's actually doing there or trust his explanations?
or you do trust him but you don't trust the girls there?

Some say that relationship base on trust and's true..I'm not denying anything..but there is one thing you need to know..when you are in love, you tend to trust him..but once your trust fall apart and your heart break to pieces, eventually you will give it a shot in second chance..everybody deserves a second chance..and you tried to build again those trust and hoping for a happy ending.. this is the part where both of you try to let go of the past and only remember sweet memories in order to move on and wishing there is a happy ending..if that is written in your path..
the clock is ticking..

So, here am I waiting for my own happy ending..wish that these 8 months will finish soon..very soon..hah!

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Monday, October 26, 2009


yeah!my first final paper for this sem starts tomorrow..well..not tomorrow..its 3.19am in the, lagi bape jam je nak kol8.30am..and yet, i'm awake and BLOGGING!bukannye nak study...ahahaha

alaaa....x salah kan nak merehatkan diri kejap...asek study je...(study ke?!lol) wait2..what am I doing for this whole day?hmmm...let see..

woke up around 12pm...ehem!ngeeee
took a shower...
got phone call from my boyfy..
went on a date with him from 2pm-7pm..(pasni da xdpt jumpe..die LI kt langkawi for 8months)
arrived at ukm station at 8pm..
Mai n Wani picked me up and had our dinner at BBB Tomyam until 10pm kot..
took a shower again..
got on bed and watched desperate housewives..
had a good night sleep until my alarm memekak at 3am..
now, i'm blogging..

yea!da 3.30am..cepat je masa, i better make a move more study last2 minute nie..then dlm dewan exam-maki hamun tak dpt jawab..pastu salahkan lecturer..ape la bg soalan cmni..bla3....haha!

owrite...gud luck everyone....aku doakan korang berjaya and mendapat ape yang diinginkan walaupun x semua...and most important, bahagia and berjaya di dunia dan di akhirat....sekian saja dari ustazah iera.......kikikikiki

p/s: salam..... =p

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Friday, October 23, 2009

Mineral Water

Penting ke minum air mineral nie?!

mei-ngong la kan kalo kate x penting..
tp still wat x reti tok minum air mineral byk2..
still mau layan milo, teh o ais n air bergas..x patot..x patot..

lately, bile aku dpt masalah yg bak kate 'dr. Wani' kencing pee tk lawas (sopan sket bunyik gune pee,LOL) or pee kotor, barula aku terhegeh-hegeh nk minum air mineral banyak2..

ape simptom2 aku?
kerap masuk tandas..
pee yg sket2 tu..
rase x puas je bile da abes pee..

spoil mood betul bile jd prob cm nie..nk kua jenjalan pn x bley, asek nk g tandas je pe cite? nk study pn terganggu (kalo bab study, sume bley jd alasan kn..haha)

kalo ikutkan nasihat my mum, die soh minum air cafe x jual plak..nk g bli kt lua-malas..

hmm..mengikut teori aku, aku kne bykkan minum air mineral..which mean, kne bli air mineral yg btol2 mineral..bukan yg amek kt toilet n masak tu..n bukan jugak dr R.O machine..

1st, sbb heater aku cm karat so tu bukan menambahkan nutrient tp menambahkan besi x perlu dalam body aku..bahaya kannn?

2nd, bg sape yg amek microbe tu da tau kn R.O water tu x elok..byk bacteria kalo machine tu x servis..jadi tmpt microbe tu membiak je..

so, aku amek kputusan tok beli air mineral 5.5 liter tuu..punyela aku n wani g mencari kt lua..naek scoot aku..time tu kol 11 lbey..malam ye....

g cari kt stesyen minyak-xde..
g kt kdai runcit yg biasa aku g tu- da tutup..
7 elev11n - mahal....riba..riba..hehe
so, redah je kdai runcit mn2 yg bukak..

tp kdai tu x jual 5.5 liter..yg menariknye die jual air mineral botol besar tu 1 kotak..ade 12 botol hanya rm14..menarik tu.. mane aku nk angkut?da la bwk moto..kalo keta xpe gak..

last2 mat india tu letak kotak tu kt atas bakul scoot aku..byk giler kotak tu amek space..smpai nk pusing2 handle moto tu pn susah! tmpt nak letak kaki aku jgn ckp la..terkangkang aku di watnye..segan x ingat la..da la byk mamat2 mlepak kt situ..

ok..tebalkan muke..bwk slow..cermat berhemat..pusing pn slow je..sampai traffic light, hampir x t'control sket..tibe2 PINNNNN...(bunyi hon kedengaran)

sape tu?? rupenye moto aku daa..kotak tu yg tekan hon moto aku..sigh...(tkejot mak nyah..)

abang keta sbelah da tgk kitorang da..ngeee...(senyum je la kn..control comei,ahaha)

sampai blok aku..yay! exercise 4 today-bwk kotak yg berat gile tu nek tingkat 3..ngan beg aku yg ade lappy skali tu..

p/s: jgn jeles ye..aku da ade muscle..ahahahaahahhahahhaha

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suke? like la..

Friday, October 16, 2009

Food Scientist in the house

I'm speechless about the whole yogurt kurma project. This is why I'm so busy..FPD (food product development) makes every each and every person who taking food science and nutrition and also management student going crazy this semester..macam da wat tesis da..but noo..tu tahun ke-4 nt.. ohh man! macam mane la agaknye eh?da la wat sorg2 nt...Uuuuuu

Anyway, I wanna say thank you soo much to all of my group members..we did a good not worry about the marks k? InsyaAllah..ok punye..err..confident sket-its gonna be GREAT!huhuhuhuhu

aku x tau sbenanye nk cite, aku letak pic je la k? lagipun aku nak kena siapkan assignments jap..due date: today..hah!

Event : the making of yogurt kurma

everybody were there..helping in the final production of
dates flavoured yogurt

ni la bilik masak memasak
btw group cina blakang tu wat choc cheese filling..

ni after da siap product..
bergaya sket pakai lab coat..LOL

Event : Presentation Day

formal picture

after formal, pe lg..sengal la plak..hehe

tema : sume wat muke comei..comei kn?kn?ngeee

aku x tahan sbenanye tgk muke as marah..kahkah

Wani : My eyes..
Me : on you!
(sehati sejiwa..ahahahahaha)

last but not least..
apa yang penting? kerjasama...ehehe

p/s: next week da study week..n then final, gud luck to all of you..chaiyok2!! =p

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Mana Satu Pilihan Kalbu

I'm very confident when talking about where I want to do my internship. When someone ask me where? I will say Kota Tinggi, Johor immediately..eventhough it is not confirmed yet company tu nak amek aku ke x...LOL (prasan lebey aku nie..ki3)

tapi tu duluuuuuuuu.....

Now, aku da goyah sket..mane satu nak pilih.. Just now before my sensory presentation, Wani told me that we both got offer from Kart's. this is at Shah Alam. so, how? Johor or Shah Alam?hmmm....yang Johor tu da confirm da, I have 2 offers right now..actually 3..because of UNIPEQ tpi tu da tolak tepi awal2..huhuu
camne ek??

mane satu nak g? if I tell my mom about Shah Alam, of course she will tell me to go for Shah Alam..tapi...erm..yang Shah Alam ni xtau dapat elaun ke x..obviously Kart lebey famous dari Dowana at Johor but Dowana ade sediakan tempat tinggal and of course elaun rm200++.. tapi Dowana ni yg lecehnye sbb working hours die ari Isnin sampai Sabtu..da la keje 8pagi sampai 5petang.. da la jauh..aku tinggal kat Perak plak tu..adoyai..

how ah?how?

i think i should know more about Kart..camne kerja long do i have to work for a day..bile je cuti and most important thing is ade elaun ke x..ehehehe 5months kot keje..bout tempat tinggal xpe sbb Pak Lang aku tinggal kat Shah Alam..hmmm

anyone..ur opinions sgt me..

btw after FPD project bout yogurt kurma and sensory presentation tu da lepas, rase lega yang teramat sgt.. serius da ilang sket beban kat pale otak nie..n baru la ade ms sket tok update blog..
But (ni yg x suke dgr..huhu) i still have lots and lots of assignments and malangnye sume kena anta kn?huhuhu
  • assignment pemakanan
  • assignment biostatistic
  • lab report more thing..kne renew roadtax..haha x renew lagi dari ari tu..dulu nak renew tapi mane la aku tau kena bawak skali geran 1st time renew la katekan..huhu so, for now, aku bwk moto slambe dek je xde roadtax..kalo kena tahan..pandai2 la bodek pak polisi tu kan..ki3

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Thursday, October 01, 2009

No Title

I'm just sitting here in front of my lappy with nothing to do...actually with nothing that I want to do..
I guess i just want to be somewhere else where I can get my mind straight..with what had happened to me recently makes my mind going nuts.. I don't know if I'm going to be okay or not..but its clearly that I can't be alone right now..I don't know if I'm strong enough to get through this but somehow I will try..I guess it takes time to heal and if possible, I don't want to remember all of it as it would tear my heart off...but kept coming on in my mind..going on and on and on can i get through this?? Urghhh...

I need an air..I'm going out..alone..
scooty baby..lets go..

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